Hi!!! I’m Jazlyn pronounced [Jazz-lyn], a twenty something year old girl, born and raised in Miami by Cuban parents. I now live in the 6ix (Toronto) with my fiance [the Mister] and our four legged fur baby [Smores Latte]. I am a (picky) foodie who loves pizza, fried chicken and chocolate chip pancakes. I try to live a balanced lifestyle, starting my days with a workout and ending it with a mini ice cream bar. That's balance if you ask me ;) 



I am a firm believer in the universe, a fruity moscato and 5 amazing friends over a dozen mediocre ones. I try to live my life one day at a time and the realization that all we have is NOW. So get off your phone, hug your family, breathe fresh air and let the sun shine in your face, I promise you won't regret it. 

I started this blog as an escape for me to share with the world my views on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I have so many ideas floating in my head, and I want to share my experiences, my favorite recipes and DIY's. I want to share beauty finds, tips and tricks and splurges vs. steal.


Fashion has been a part of my life far as long as I can remember from Limited Too and Burdines to now Zara and Nordstrom. I have always had my own way of putting together outfits. I have heard plenty of "I don't like how you styled that" and "that's something you can pull off" and the latter is one I would consider a compliment. I have over thought outfits and left my house in gym clothes and it's ALL okay. We need to wear what makes us smile and what we love.


Beauty, makeup is something I only wore on stage when I had a recital. I was not the girl in high school who knew how to apply liquid eyeliner, let's be honest I am still terrible at it. I didn't get into makeup till 2011 and it was my younger cousin [Meli] who introduced me to all these brands other than MAC. I was so overwhelmed I only wore bare-minerals for months (to be honest you can't really mess up). A few years later when Youtube started to explode I started playing with makeup more often and figuring out what worked for me and my face shape. My love for makeup has now grown into passion and just another way to express myself.


Lifestyle... where to start?! BALANCE! We (more the mister than myself) love a great workout followed by a salad bowl with extra protein from Chipotle. We also love hosting a few friends, trying new recipes and opening a bottle of wine. Being in the kitchen is a form of therapy for me and it allows me to just focus on what I am making. I hope to share some of my favorite recipes with you and I hope you love them as much as I do.