late, but better then never...

by Jazlyn Acosta

With the new year, come new years resolutions. We all make a list of things we want to accomplish once the year starts; a healthier diet, more exercise, quit a bad habit or two, and the list goes on. Well, I decided my list will consist of simple, more fashion orientated goals. 

  Here's my list:

1.     wear and mix & match more prints

2.     use more mixed metals in my outfits

3.     wear heels of all different heights

4.     perfect a mani/pedi (not as easy as it sounds)

5.     expand my handbag and shoe collection

 In addition, traveling is something else I love doing. Here's 5 places I'd love to visit this year:

6.     Los Angelos, California

7.     San Fran, California

8.     Las Vegas, Neveda

9.     Chicago, Illinois 

10.     Boston, Massachusetts

Some of the best memories are made trying new things and exploring new locations. Traveling gives us experiences that we'll never forget. It teaches us about new cultures, foods, and lifestyles. Not only do we get to discover what other cities have to offer, but we also discover new things about ourselves and what we're capable of.