Shopping Guide

by Jazlyn Acosta


When picking an outfit for the day or going shopping, there’s a few guidelines I stick with. These are the rules I follow, and can hopefully be as useful to you as they've been to me:

  • all nude undergarments
  • when shopping for dresses, a strapless bra and sometimes even spanx are a must
  • ease of access is key… believe me, sometimes you avoid the dressing room because you have one too many buckles all over the place
  • comfy shoes, preferably laceless or slip-ons will be your friend (not all fitting rooms have seats or benches for you to relax)
  • keep accessories simple and to a minimum; personally, I wear dainty earrings that I know will match most outfits
  • a handbag that is easy to carry whether it’s a cross body, a clutch, or just a hobo bag
  • keep the make up light and clean (you’re not at a club and quite frankly, “ain’t nobody got time for that”)
  • try and visualize how it WILL look, and keep in mind that the clothing should also inspire the make up 

[ One thing I’ve noticed, is that when I go shopping and have no makeup on and my hair is a mess, anything and everything I try, I will not like. Yet, when I’m a little done-up it gives me a clearer look as to how it will look ] 

One final tip, head to the stores on a full stomach (light food though), you don’t want to feel extra bloated because you pigged out on cheese fries and a coke…(with extra bacon and extra cheese). Personally, taking a lunch break in the middle of a shopping session will either make or break my trip. If I hit a slump and find nothing I like, then food (coffee or even an ice cream break) will give me a chance to clear my head and go back with a different outlook. If I’m on a roll and feel that everything looks amazing (which, let’s face it, happens 1/1000 times), a food break could kill my mood, put me in a slump, and give me what is widely known as “The Itis” 


- Jaz -