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As much as I push my boundaries and step outside my safety net, I have a comfort zone, and it consists of white shorts and a black top. Whether it's a tank top, v-neck, graphic-t, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s a black and white combo. When it comes to white shorts, you name it, I have it; high waisted, linen, denim, ripped, name brand, not name brand, short, shorter….these are a must in my closet, and more times than not, I have a pair in my trunk. (I always keep an outfit in my trunk, trust me, it comes in handy). So, this past Sunday when le mister decided we should go to the movies after our workout (which feels like it’s been too many days straight in the gym), all I could think about was comfort. And to be honest, I had ZERO outfits planned. What did I do? I went with a foolproof basic black “muscle tee”, and some white denim shorts. Let me tell you, if these shorts could talk, they’d have all sorts of stories to tell. They have traveled with me to Tampa, beaches all over Miami, Washington DC, and now NYC. They’d tell you how they’ve been matched with sneakers, sandals, heels and even barefoot. These, and the high wasted shorts I wore a few weeks ago in “Le Blanc”, are tied for my FAVORITE denim shorts. If you haven’t checked out that post, you should. It’s clean, crisp, and well outside my comfort zone.

Anyway, happy almost Friday!!!

And as always, use all of this for inspiration!



- Jaz -

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