Patriotic Weekend

by Jazlyn Acosta in , ,

I usually spend the 4th of July on a boat, so the only outfit I end up picking is a bathing suit. Not being in Miami, nor on a boat, I had to plan an actual outfit, that covers more than 1/3 of my body. I wanted something comfortable, casual and most importantly, patriotic. I went with a simple red, white and blue combination; white blouse, red shorts, and blue shoes. I really liked how it turned out, so I figured I would make a whole weekend out of red, white and blue.

We kept it low key and went out with some family and friends to a state park, they had food trucks, rides, and live concerts; not to mention a spectacular firework show. We had some pretty good tacos from a food truck, but the highlight of the day were some truffle french fries that were simply AMAZING!!! We love french fries, and these were fresh, thick cut fries with cheese and truffle oil...(I'm drooling just thinking about them). When you look at the photo-shoot linked to this post, you'll see the excitement and joy of stuffing my face with these little sticks of deliciousness.

I hope you had a fun and safe July 4th, and I hope this gives you a little inspiration the next time you're browsing through your closet to pick an outfit. 

* Jaz Tip: Just because it's 4th of July, it doesn't mean you have to wear ALL red, white, and blue. Mix it up. A pink clutch or a colorful scarf always looks nice. *


- Jaz -

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