Le Blanc

by Jazlyn Acosta in

We love to stick to what we're used to, our routines, our little "rituals", but when it comes to our outfits, sometimes it's good to think outside the box. Change can be good, and can open doors and possibilities we never knew were there. This outfit represents just that. I tend to shy away from ideas I'm not fully comfortable with, but, given the spirit of summer, and this new environment I find myself living in, I thought it'd only be fair to give it a shot. The small accents of color and slicked back hair give this all-white outfit just the right amount of life it needs. Pair it with some comfortable nudes on your feet, and you're good to go for the day. Roll up the cuffs on the shirt to let your arms breathe a little (it is summer after all) and a light clutch to keep your essentials. Let me know what you think,  leave any comments or thoughts below and hope this can serve as inspiration!


- Jaz -

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